Five Must-Have Tools

Whether you’re starting your biz from scratch, or you’re an experienced entrepreneur, this guide is for you!

I’ve included the top FIVE tools and apps that I use every single day. I couldn’t do business without them (or at least it would be unnecessarily difficult), and I want to share these resources with my community!

The list includes some free tools. Plus, I have some unbeatable DISCOUNTS on the paid tools.

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Krystle StevensonEntrepreneur
Founder Spotlight: Beth Conway, Designer

Meet Beth - a fellow introverted-mama-entrepreneur who owns a design studio. She provides branding and web design services to small shops like us. In this edition of Founder Spotlight, she talks about the struggles running a business (without a business background) and the struggle of being present, whether working or with the family. She gives us her best advice on being authentic, following our passions, and taking risks with the things that truly make us happy.

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Rock Your Bliss at Kripalu

CONSIDER MY BLISS ROCKED - I walked away from this retreat with, not just knowledge, but, real wisdom. I have tools and tactics that I can (and do) use every day. I also have this feeling that I learned some really important life lessons. The kind of life lessons that let you stand a little taller and feel a little stronger. What’s more blissful than that??

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