20 Conferences for Women in 2019

conferences for women and retreats for women

If you’re looking to be inspired and to reignite the spark in your personal life and business, attending a live and in person conference or retreat is one of the best ways to do it. When we attend events in real life we are able to connect deeply and stay in the moment. We set aside time to truly dedicate to ourselves and our business. Energy is more palpable and influential when we are sitting together encouraging, teaching, and uplifting each other.

When we’re together in real life, we absorb more from our environment and gain more from the experience than we might have if we chose to use a virtual application.

If you’re intentions for 2019 include personal growth, community, or positive energy, then I highly recommend that you attend one, two, or even three in-person events this year.

Founders In Real Life has a growing list of conferences, camps, and retreats happening all over the world.

I’ve narrowed down the list to the top 20. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, be sure to stop by the site to find the perfect event for you!

creative at heart

Creative at Heart - DETAILS Released January 30th: Every year Creative at Heart gathers 100+ creative entrepreneurs to hear from some of the industry’s top educators. Their goal is to be your business home away from home, to give you a jam-packed notebook filled with practical to-dos, and to leave your heart so full a few (or if you’re like Kat - A LOT) of tears flow. THIS SOLD OUT IN THREE HOURS last year. This is one of the BEST in person events for female entrepreneurs and creatives. They announce the details on 1/30/19 at 10AM and will open registration at 8PM. Mark your calendars. Set your reminders!!


Camp Climb – New Liberty, Iowa – August 16 to 18 - $175 to $850: A unique retreat for women creative entrepreneurs or females looking to pursue a creative passion in the heart of the Midwest – a weekend to grow in life and your business with a schedule of super-curated speakers, mentored group sessions, a night time pool party and lots of bonfires and camping out at a renowned midwestern Girl Scout Camp.


8/7 Trip – San Diego, CA – May 1 to 4 - $689 to $799: We have created a grown up, female version of summer camp except with a tad more sophistication. Once you arrive to the 8/7 destination, everything is taken care of for you.
All-inclusive. Four days/three nights. Intimate group of women. Group excursions. Personal me-time. Food. Fellowship. Relaxation. Life-giving conversations. Memories. Recharge. Discover the little girl inside. Discover YOU!


Alt Oasis – Palm Springs, CA – March 24 to 29 - $699 to $1449: Alt Summit is a conference. It is also a community. A community of thousands of women influencers and entrepreneurs in creative fields. One week a year, we provide a physical gathering place for that community and then incredible things happen.


From the Drawing Board – Cape Town, South Africa – April 24 to May 11 - $6300 to $7600: Take your business from the drawing board to reality in just TWO WEEKS. This retreat has it all. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. Through a combination of well-designed activities and workshops (website development, social media, SEO, marketing, target audience and whatever else you FEEL LIKE EXPLORING) you will learn new, practical skills. There will be time for implementation, playing, and both group and 1x1 coaching sessions.


Yellow NYC – Brooklyn, NY – May 10 - $197: A gathering for entrepreneurial-minded women who are using their gifts, skills and talents to make the world a better place. Join us for our very first East Coast event where we will be exploring what it looks like to “create meaningful work”. 


Inspired Retreat – Nashville, TN – May 5 to 8 - $2350: Actionable business education, inspiring content and intimate community to refresh your heart, spark momentum and surround you with people who totally get you.


Imperfect Bosses – DETAILS ANNOUNCED IN MARCH: A yearly experience designed to help the creative woman grow her confidence and find intentional community up close.


We All Grow Summit – Long Beach, CA – May 30 to June 1 – SOLD OUT in THREE HOURS! Get on their mailing list for next year: #WeAllGrow Summit is back for a fifth year of bringing together a sisterhood of the most influential community of Latina creators and entrepreneurs. We stand strong in our mission of elevating the voices and stories of Latinas via the power of community. 


Mentored Retreats Summer – Belmont, NC – June 27 to 30 - $350 to $500:   Kim hosts three blogging retreats each year in North Carolina with less than 30 attendees.  These blogging weekend retreats focused on you and your unique online business. It's a chance to get away from life's distractions and demands.  Come blog to your heart's content.  Plus the opportunity for individualized attention from pro blogging coach Kim Anderson and several other blogging co-mentors!


Next Level Retreat – Austin, TX – September 16 to 19 - $2400: This retreat is for creatives who long for rest, growth, and community. For the business-owner seeking inspiration and intentional growth. For the dreamer pursuing big goals in their life and business.


National Women’s Business Conference – Jacksonville, FL – October 13 to 15 - $525+: Success is a combination of being at the right place, at the right time, and doing something about it. For entrepreneurs and women in general, that place and time is right now. Women business owners are starting and growing companies at a pace faster than ever before. They are at the table in more executive boardrooms, speaking out on more important personal and business issues and becoming key contenders and players in Washington, DC and in their state and local government offices. And they are paying forward this success by reaching down to the next generation and out to women around the globe to bring them up. Join hundreds of women entrepreneurs as we come together to capitalize on this incredible moment in time, and do something about it. Our time is now!


Be the Upside – Franklin Lakes, NJ – May 3 to 5 - $1200: Our retreat attendees are diverse, highly accomplished women from various industries and backgrounds who come together to achieve three common goals: professional growth, personal fulfillment and accountability. You deserve to invest in yourself. You deserve to feel inspired and focused. You deserve to learn. You deserve to feel joy. You deserve to be the best version of you. You deserve The Upside of Life.

Bliss Project – Newport Beach, CA – May 3 to 5 - $699: Hosted by Lori Harder - A Women’s Retreat Dedicated to Unraveling the Most Amazing You.

More Than Just a Pretty Picture: Mastering Instagram for Growth and Engagement – San Antonio, TX – April 13 - $199 to $499: A single-day, micro-conference focused entirely on Instagram in San Antonio, Texas, with experts, Carly Anderson, Jennifer Borget, and LaShawn Wiltz.

Evolve Women’s Conference – Tyler, TX – March 7 - $35 to $60: Successful women are constantly evolving. They are continually growing stronger, more vibrant and more determined to live fuller lives. The Evolve Women's Conference will bring women with a growth mindset and positive outlook together for a full day of learning, laughter and lifting each other up. We believe in women empowering women.

The following events have not yet released their dates and locations. Last they were all incredible events. As information is released, this article will be updated!

Pays to Be Brave – DETAILS COMING SOON: Hosted by Angie Lee. Angie’s event promises to be inspirational packed with networking opportunities, marketing and mindset workshops, yoga, and meditation and breathwork classes. Expect the event to be around October 2019.

Launch Brand Grow – DETAILS COMING SOON: Self-described as a workcation, the Launch Brand Grow Retreat for 2019 will be in Phoenix, AZ. The hostesses promise an intimate setting with curated and intentional work time, down time (YOU time), growth, and social media strategy work.

Business Boutique – DETAILS COMING SOON: When you attend Business Boutique, you can expect to walk away with new friends, new connections, and new insights. You’ll also hear from some true rock star speakers on the topics of marketing, sales, social media, pricing, budgeting and more! We’ll give you practical tools that can be implemented in your business immediately.

Happy Mom Conference – DETAILS COMING SOON: Hosted by Land of Moms, this conference is specifically geared towards the Mom Boss. Last year’s conference was in May in Los Angeles, CA. The one-day event includes a group meditation, networking opportunities, branding workshops, and inspiration!

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