Top Five Mom-Only Events and Getaways (that you can write off as a business expense)

business retreats for moms - Top Five Mom-Only Events and Getaways (that you can write off as a business expense)

If you’re looking to be inspired and reignite the spark in your personal life and business, and also looking for a way to get some time away from your kid(s)… attending a live and in person conference or retreat is one of the best ways to do it!

When we attend events in real life we are able to connect deeply and stay in the moment. We set aside time to truly dedicate to ourselves and our business. No noses (or other bodily parts) to wipe. No one screaming about spilled juice (we hope). No pickups, no drop-offs, no list of seventeen random things we need to pick up from four different store. None of that. Complete focus on our own personal growth. It’s the ULTIMATE form of self-care.

I found five events that are JUST for moms or parents (listed in order by date). If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, check the full listings at Founders in Real Life to find the perfect event for you!

1.        Mama Spring Break // Zion National Park // April 25th to 27th // $2499

2.       Nourish Retreat // Laguna Beach, CA // April 28th to May 1st // $3,250+ depending on room choice

3.       B.A.M (Business Among Moms) Success Summit //Bellevue, WA // May 16th to 17th // $199 - $299

4.       Type A Parent 2019 // Washington, DC // September 26th to 28th // $80 - $300

5. MOB (Mom Owned Business) Con 2019 // Del Mar, CA // September 29th to 30th // $349 - $749


(Because I couldn’t resist adding one more)

The Happy Mom Conference // Pasadena, CA // May 4 // $85 - $150


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