Rock Your Bliss at Kripalu

Where do I begin?

I begin with a big THANK YOU to Jacki Carr, MaryBeth LaRue, all the attendees, and, quite honestly, myself. I’m grateful JC + MB traveled, literally, across the country to teach 50 people about belonging, about values, about being true, about being human, and about gratitude. I’m grateful to myself for having the courage to sign up and then participate, quite actively.

Throughout the weekend, I pushed myself. I worked my body and mind to the fullest. I let myself be vulnerable because I wanted to get the most out of the experience and that requires opening up a bit. I also gave myself time and space to rest, explore, and experience the unexpected.

I confirmed some things I already knew, learned more about myself, and left with a rock solid, unshakable confidence in myself. I’ve never felt so comfortable in my own skin. I’ve never accepted or loved myself more. I know who I am, I know how I show up, and I have so many ideas of how to use my uniqueness to move myself forward through whatever may come next.

How many can say they feel this way?

Here’s a sampling of what I learned and experienced at Rock Your Bliss:


Right off the bat, the Bliss-crafters (Jacki + MB) taught us that we belong. We all have these conversations with ourselves wondering what others think of us. Do they like me? Do they think this is weird? Will they judge me if I do that? We worry whether our behaviors are good enough or accepted enough. We wonder whether we should change something about ourselves so we “fit in”.

Jacki and MaryBeth encouraged us to consistently show up with this innate understanding:

There’s no need to change ourselves to fit in. There’s no need to take on a faux persona. We must truly be ourselves and trust that we belong exactly as we are.

When you show up this way, the confidence shines out, the nerves are calm, and the brain and heart are cool and collected. Trust me… try it.

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I mean, seriously. How many of us are guilty of this? I “should” do this or I “should be able” to do that. This lesson showed up strong for me during our third yoga class. We had three yoga classes in less than 24 hours. I love yoga, but I don’t practice it that much in my daily life.

Had I NOT had MaryBeth and Jacki talking about how there is no such thing as SHOULD, I absolutely would have started this dialogue with myself, “I should be able to do this. Other women are doing all the poses. Some of the women are even doing the level-up-modifications to the poses. I should be able to do it too. I’m so lazy and weak”.


I did have my amazing teachers. Instead my inner dialogue went something like this, “Holy crap. I’m surprised by my strength. I’ve done three yoga classes in less than 24 hours and I’m still hanging in there. I’m still doing some, if not most, of the poses. Fuck YEA.”

You see the difference?

When we erase “SHOULD” from our vocabulary we can better appreciate ourselves and our accomplishments because the comparison game is a non-starter.  

Founders in Real LIfe - Womens Business Retreats, Conferences for Women, Female Founder Community Events, Live and in person events for women


This session was the game changer. This is one you have to experience with Jacki and MaryBeth live and in person in order to get the full effect.

In this session, I was given space to dig deep and figure out what my values are (funny word choice because my top value is SPACE). Picture this, 50 of us are sitting in a circle on these comfy little pop-up floor chairs/cushions. We work through the exercise in our journals. First, we write down a values word bank to get the ideas flowing. Then, we’re challenged to narrow down to the top eight words that are true values. Then we had to remove the “aspirational” words (the qualities we WANT to take on). We finish with three words in our journals.

Of course, Jacki didn’t stop the exercise there. She asked for some volunteers to dig deeper into one particular value so that we could show an example for the group to follow. I was one of the volunteers, which I immediately regret once I realized that Jacki was going to make me literally stand up in the middle of the 50-person circle. I get into the details of my sweaty palms, and rapidly increasing heart-rate, but I will say that I’m glad I tapped into my bravery and let Jacki work her magic. She asked me several questions that pushed me to dig into what my top value looks and feels like physically, what this value brings me, and, most importantly, what happens if I’m NOT true to this value. That last part was the eye-opener for me.

Now that I know my values, it’s so easy for me to stay grounded. Any time an external situation or another person’s behavior or another person’s words throw me off kilter, I just remember what MY core values are. I remember the things that bring me peace and happiness and bliss. I remember the things that make me who I am, and I’m instantly standing tall back on my rock-solid foundation. Boom.

Once I had this epiphany with my personal values, it was a simple exercise to solidify the values for my business. Business values create a filter. Every time we have a new idea, or are asked to take on a new partnership, or have the opportunity with a new client, we must ask, “does this align with the values of my business?”. Values make decision-making so much easier.


Once we had our values laid out and we took time to celebrate all that we are grateful for, we made it all real, and tangible, and tactical. The ladies asked us, “Are your values living on your calendar?”.  In real life, are we actually doing the things that bring us joy and keep us grounded?

We created a list of ways to bring ourselves back to center and were challenged to fit these tactics into a real-life ideal day. Then we were given time to think about what it would take to make our ideal day a reality. We determined the shifts we could make to be able to live this out in real life!


I walked away from this retreat with, not just knowledge, but, real wisdom. I have tools and tactics that I can (and do) use every day. I also have this feeling that I learned some really important life lessons. The kind of life lessons that let you stand a little taller and feel a little stronger. What’s more blissful than that??

So, now you have an idea of what we worked on and how I use it in my every-day life both personally and professionally.  I experienced so much more in my three days with Jacki and MaryBeth, and I highly encourage you to find a way to experience it for yourself.

You can find all of the upcoming Rock Your Bliss events HERE.

Search “Rock Your Bliss”.

Founders in Real LIfe - Womens Business Retreats, Conferences for Women, Female Founder Community Events, Live and in person events for women
Krystle Stevenson