Founder Spotlight: Emma Hicks, founder of Camp Climb

Emma Hicks was the first person to reach out to me when I started Founders in Real Life. The idea had barely just formed in my mind and, somewhat impulsively, I threw together a website with a few events listed and started an Instagram account. The website was a *crude* DIY job. The social media content was all over the place. But, Emma saw straight through all that. She saw the potential and possibilities of my little website blossoming into a full-blown community platform. She saw it before I did.

I have enjoyed getting to know Emma over the past few months and I’m honored to shine the spotlight on her and tell her story! Read on to get to know Emma a little better, and to learn about life as a female entrepreneur.

Fun Fact About Emma

Emma was born and raised in a small town in Iowa that had a population 300. Her mom owned the bar and was a single mother to her and her older sister. Her mom practically ran the town! She taught Emma to work for what she wanted. Emma credits her mom for her work ethic and strong-willed personality. Not surprisingly, Emma is a 7w8 on the enneagram!

Being a Female Entrepreneur

Emma has found the "better together" mindset that comes so naturally for women to be a beautiful thing to see, be part of, and LEAD. Emma’s advice to us is:


Approach all other female creative entrepreneurs (yes, even your direct competitors!) with an "arms wide open" mentality. With this energy, we, as female entrepreneurs can continue to flourish and build confidence in each other to do really big, badass things! We are DOERS!


Did I mention that Emma was one of my FIRST supporters? Can you feel the energy and excitement that comes from her soul? If you need this kind of energy in your corner, I highly recommend reaching out to Emma (send her a quick DM on Instagram, seriously). Making connections and building relationships with our fellow lady bosses can be game-changing.

The Struggle is Real

Emma’s biggest struggle these days has to do with balance - balancing her growing community. She is a visionary and has so many ideas for the business she’s created, but there’s more to business than just the ideas, right? 

Emma says,

“I need to get myself more organized and build out this company's 12 month plan, working backwards from there so I can start delegating very specific tasks with ability to see better the greater picture and potential outcome for Camp Climb! I also need to dig deeper into some continued education with more of the not-so-exciting tasks that come along with running a business i.e. quickbooks, payroll. We are in a growth phase and I want to keep up momentum and steer us all in the right direction!”

How many can relate to this struggle? For many, it’s fun to get swept away in possibilities and dream up incredible visions. But, there are parts of business that MUST be taken care of in order to keep the wheels turning. Luckily, we’re not all good at the same things. There are experts in accounting, and payroll, and administration, and organization who we can lean on. Remember to ask for help when you need it and outsource where you can!

Mom Life as an Entrepreneur

Founder Spotlight - Emma Hicks, founder of Camp Climb (a retreat for female creative entrepreneurs)

Emma is a mama to three kids. Her favorite part of being a mom and an entrepreneur is having the flexibility to be able to call the shots. She can be where she needs to be and go with the flow that life throws at us.  

The tough part is setting boundaries. Emma says,

 “Pursuing a passion project that I am SO passionate about does make boundaries EXTREMELY crucial in order to be a present, loving, nurturing mother. My personality type too (7w8) makes this a challenge for me … to keep strict rules in line with work mode and mom mode!! I actually created a workbook after camp last year because I was drowning in the shuffle and balance of both. This workbook has helped me IMMENSELY with being mindful, present, and making time for what matters most: MYSELF, family, close friends, Camp Climb, and our farm.”

I, personally, can completely relate to having to set boundaries in order to be my best self for work, my family, and myself! When I try to multi-task, I get frustrated. When I haven’t set realistic expectations for myself or my family, we all get frustrated. Setting boundaries and communicating those boundaries is an absolute must.

Camp Climb

camp climb retreat for female creative entrepreneurs

Emma is the founder and host of Camp Climb, a retreat for female creative entrepreneurs. It started in August 2018 as a weekend-long Summer camp for women in business or women who were looking to start a creative endeavor. In the short time since then, more magic has unfolded within this brand! 

 Emma has recently added several Intimate Intensives. The Intensives ignite more IN REAL LIFE connections, a sense of belonging, and authentic, vibrant community. When Emma and her team feel inspired by a location, they go all in and launch an intimate retreat. Camp Climb retreats generate positive energy and inspiration that both the host and attendees are able to bring back home.

 In April 2019, Camp Climb will be hosting a retreat in Mount Hood, OR for 10 creative women (already sold out!!). Next on the horizon is January 2020, when Camp Climb will host a retreat for 30 entrepreneurs internationally. We can’t reveal the location just yet, but I’ll say it’s dreamy. This very exciting INTERNATIONAL experience will be launching SOON!!! To keep up to date on all the excitement happening, follow Camp Climb on Instagram!

Camp Climb - Retreat for Female Creative Entrepreneurs