Founder Spotlight: Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, Financial Therapist

Meet Lindsay - a 30-something, married, biracial female and the FIRST financial therapist in Michigan. Her trade is unique and oh-so-necessary for so many. In this edition of Founder Spotlight, she gives us her best advice on womanhood, taking risks, and making connections!

Financial Therapy; Financial Therapist; Save and spend within your values; Help paying down  debt,; Social worker

Being a Financial Therapist

Financial therapy is the combination of financial literacy with the emotional and psychological side of money. Lindsay is a trained clinical social worker, having experience in both the clinical and research sides of mental health.

Lindsay sees clients from ages 20-60ish who have financial stressors they want to discuss (way beyond bookkeeping). She is NOT a get-out-of-debt coach; many people who seek out her services have money AND psychological difficulties. She helps people spend and save in line with their values, see the light at the end of the debt tunnel, and practice having difficult money conversations with loved ones.

 Wow, what an amazing gift to give people!

How many of us grew up in houses where money was a huge source of anxiety, anger, and hostility (just me??)? Being able to mindfully, tactfully discuss money matters in a supportive way is no easy feat.

In addition to providing individual therapy, she run workshops and tailor speaking gigs for various environments.

Lindsay’s Favorite Part About Being a Female Entrepreneur

 “Meeting other powerful women in the entrepreneurial space. It is such a gift to connect with a strong woman, who then connects you to another person she knows. It's an incredibly supportive network of badassery, and I LOVE it.”

The Struggle is Scaling

Like many people who provide a service, Lindsay only has so much time in the day to provide those services. She’s almost always fully booked, which is a fabulous problem to have, but it means she’s often turning people away or putting them on a waitlist.

How many can relate to this?

Her mind is currently lit up with the idea of an online course or group-based financial therapy service. A friend reminded her that our lives tend to slow down in the summer so she’s hoping to hit pause on the idea until she can fully dedicate herself. Stay tuned to see what comes next with Lindsay’s services by keeping in touch on Instagram


About Being Mom (or not!)

I have some standard questions that I send out to female entrepreneurs who I’m interviewing. I was rushing, and didn’t review my list before sending to Lindsay – who is NOT a mama. I asked her what it was like being a mom entrepreneur. Major faux-pas on my part.

I kept her answer because it’s an important conversation to have. And, despite my blunder, she answered this question with bravery and confidence in herself. I kept her words exactly as she answered.

“I'm not a mom! In fact, I fall into the childfree camp. The toughest thing about being a not-mom feels like I have to be on the defense when this is a very conscious and intentional choice. I'm fortunate to work in an environment where my status as a not-mom rarely gets questioned. Outside of my mental health safety bubble, I get questions that are ridiculously inappropriate about the state of my uterus. Sometimes, they aren't questions; they are stated as facts. These are all real things other people have said to me, "You'll regret it," "You'd have beautiful children; don't you want to see what your baby would look like?" and, the all-time ironic comment, "Your mom will be disappointed in you."”

 It's honestly unbelievable the things people say!!!!

In a way, I’m glad I made this mistake with a woman so compassionate. She politely corrected my assumption and reminded me to remain unassuming of our individual paths through womanhood (and also to double check my emails). ;) Thank you, Lindsay.

Lindsay’s Advice to Fellow Lady Bosses

Financial Therapy; Financial Therapist; Save and spend within your values; Help paying down  debt,; Social worker


If you are on the fence, take a calculated risk. You don't have to quit your day job and take up a storefront; take the first small step. If you are an artist, start promoting your work online and set up an Etsy shop. If you are in the business of service such as a life coach, offer a free session to someone in exchange for an honest review and testimonial. If you bake or cook, bring along a stack of business cards with your chocolate cake at the next potluck. Do something, anything, to move toward living the life of entrepreneurship you envision. 

Reach out!

Send that pitch email, message that person on Insta, ask a friend for a connection. The worst thing that happens is you end up exactly where you are now. Practice getting vulnerable and you'll be amazed at how the universe rewards. 

To learn more about Lindsay’s services, or to connect with Lindsay, visit her website Mind Money Balance.

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