Yellow Co. NYC and Why You Should Go, Too!

Yellow Co. NYC

Walking out of the Brooklyn Yellow Co. Conference, I feel

visionary, empowered, connected, invigorated, privileged, powerful.

I know where I belong. I know I can make the world a better place. I know how and I know with whom.

If you’re reading this because you’re on the fence about attending an upcoming Yellow Co. event, let me make this really easy for you:


Buy the ticket with absolute confidence and certainty that you’re making the right choice. Here’s the link – search YELLOW and all the upcoming events will pop up and make it super easy for you to choose which event is best for you. 

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Want to know more about Yellow Co. NYC in 2019? Read on!

This conference was a mix of learning about ways to do tangible good in the world and ways to grow our businesses and creative entrepreneurial ventures. Throughout the day, I kept seeing and feeling signs and signals that I was EXACTLY where I was meant to be. This is the magic of getting together in real life, ladies! I could physically feel the impact from this event running though my body - whether getting choked up, laughing hysterically, feeling chills down my spine, or even feeling this adrenaline-fueled power rev up inside of me. I’m so grateful I was able to attend in-person to listen to each women who spoke at this event. Nothing could replace what I felt, and am still feeling almost a week later.

We Begin

The event opened with an emotionally moving performance by an aerial dancing opera singer and four female dancers. The lead woman sang the Coldplay song “Yellow” in French, while spinning from a hoop suspended from the ceiling. Her voice was incredible. The raw talent and creativity bursting from these performers set the stage for the day.

After some opening credits and introductions, the entire group was led in a guided meditation by Cassandra Bianco. She made sure we were fully present, relaxed, and ready to receive all that the day had in store for us.


Revolutionary Love

Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis (Activist, Preacher, Pastor + Advocate for Racial Equality) taught us about the Revolutionary Love Project and called us to join her. The Revolutionary Love Project “envisions a world where love is a public ethic and wellspring for social change”.

This love revolution is led by the kind of love and compassion that understands mistakes can be made, that fresh starts may be required. It’s the kind of love that can be compared to a mother’s love, a “womb love” she called it, the “I got you babe” kind of love. This is the stuff that can and will heal the world.

Dr. Lewis taught us how simple it is to show up with love everyday. She gave us seven guidelines to follow that will help us put our revolutionary love out into the world:

-          Celebrate each other with reckless abandon

-          Stand up against the status quo

-          Be agents of healing and redemption

-          Be in the business of forgiveness

-          Fight for power, liberation, and justice for ALL. Remember “I am because WE are”

-          Speak and hear the TRUTH – Be real to ourselves, no personas, no fake

-          Believe in each other – Believe that when we come together we can heal the world

I’m grateful that Dr. Lewis was part of the Yellow Co. lineup.

Book recommendations: The Apology, White Rage, White Privilege



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Vik Harrison, Co-Founder of Charity Water, led a conversation about creating a brand that brings meaning to the world. She shared that if 77% of brands disappeared tomorrow, no one would care or notice. Which means only 23% of brands are meaningfully connecting with human beings.

Our brains are incapable of understanding information unless it is the format of a story. If our brains cannot form a story, we throw the information away completely. Stories are the best TOOL for communication.

Vik says that we, as humans, are craving messages that inspire us and add meaning to our lives. Brands must learn to inspire, add meaning, and remember to treat people as humans (not customers).

She taught the basics of a story:

-          Hero (your customer)

-          Faces a challenge (which your brand understands)

-          Meets a guide (your brand is always the guide – NOT the hero!)

-          Hero experiences transformation (your brand knows how to solve the challenge and create the transformation)

Our brand is a story that’s always being told. If we tell the same story from a thousand different angles, our brand will start to mean something.

Book Recommendations: Story Brand, The Human Brand, Thirst


International Justice Mission

Honestly, this session was a tough one for me. The presenters did a wonderful job discussing an extremely difficult topic. International Justice Mission works to rescue people around the world who are victims of slavery. This includes young children who are victims of cyber sex trafficking.

The presentation included a video of a six year old boy and his two year old sister. I have children of my own who are around this age, so it was all too easy to put myself and my children into the victim’s shoes. I was full-out ugly crying. But the presenters brought me back, with the gift of hope. Thousands of people have been rescued by this organization and millions are under protection.

If you’re looking for a charity to donate to, please consider donating to IJM to allow them to continue their effort to permanently put an end to slavery in our world.


Getting Real with Real Life Female Entrepreneurs

During the second half of the day we were gifted with a panel discussion among five successful female entrepreneurs, followed by a talk with the inspirational Mari Andrew.

More than once we heard the guidance to

stay true to our vision, to follow and align with our North Star, and to make sure we balance that with community – people who will support us and people who will fill in our own gaps. Confidence comes from community.

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The panel talked about balancing profitability with creating good in the world. The women all agreed that the two are not mutually exclusive. Colleen Wachob, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of MindBodyGreen, talked about how profitability in “en vogue” again. She said, “It’s necessary to have a profitable business model in order to fulfill your destiny”. As a woman with a financial background, I was glad the panel was giving this advice and empowerment to the audience!

The women were open, honest, insightful, vulnerable, moving, and even hilarious at times. My favorite quote came from Mari. She said, “Let yourself get excited about things. Don’t hold it in. You can deal with the disappointment IF it happens so just be excited when the good stuff is here”.

Book Recommendation: Silent Spring

Right now, I’m excited about the connections I made at this conference. I’m excited that there’s so many other people who are actively making it their life’s mission to do good in the world and make the world a better place. I’m excited to belong to a community equipped to heal the world. I’m excited for all that can and will come next… all because I took a chance and bought a ticket to Yellow Co. NYC.


PS… I’m excited about this swag bag, too! Hello do-good goodies!!!

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zero waste, sustainability, eco friendly living, eco friendly products
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