Five Must-Have Tools

Whether you’re starting your biz from scratch, or you’re an experienced entrepreneur, this guide is for you!

I’ve included the top FIVE tools and apps that I use every single day. I couldn’t do business without them (or at least it would be unnecessarily difficult), and I want to share these resources with my community!


Honeybook – The Best CRM Tool for Female Creative Entrepreneurs


Honeybook is a HUGE part of my business. This is where the magic happens behind the scenes. I’m able to automate workflows, send professional invoices, connect to bookkeeping software, and easily collect payments online. Everything is customizable to my brand and my templates. I can do things once and have consistency and efficiency in my life. Hallelujah!

What I love most about Honeybook is that I talked with an actual real life human being to get set up. You can do it on your own with ease, but I love that I can talk with someone if I want to. They have a concierge team ready and waiting. They will upload your contracts and pricing templates for you if you send them within the first seven days of setup. Having someone dedicated to supporting my biz feels empowering.

As part of the Founders in Real Life community, I’m able to provide a discount of 50% off your first year with Honeybook. HUGE!


Flodesk – The Latest + Greatest in Email Marketing

If you haven’t heard of Flodesk yet, be prepared to have your mind BLOWN. They are in beta mode (as of Sept 2019) and they are disrupting the email marketing industry like a tornado through a bunch of straw huts.

Flodesk has everything you need to start or uplevel your email game. It’s super intuitive to use while being customizable for your brand. They created several pre-filled templates complete with COPY WRITING. You’ll have to tweak it a little to find your voice, but what a game-changer to have a head start in this area.

What I love most about Flodesk is the automated workflow set-up. Again, the templates are already in place for you and the system gives suggestions on when to send which type of email. They also include a suggested best time to send each email.

Let’s just say that when I switched from MailChimp over to Flodesk, my email list TOOK OFF.

As part of the Founders in Real Life community, I am able to offer (YUP you guessed it) 50% off at Flodesk.

Check out this video of my very first Flodesk email. Set up was a breeze and I was sending off emails in less than an hour.


Planoly – Best Instagram Scheduler

I currently use the free version of Planoly because I don’t post much more than 30 per month. In the free version you can upload up to 30 images per month, auto-post to Instagram, save hashtag lists, and even upload 30 stories. The paid plans start at $9 (at the time I wrote this) and offer unlimited uploads and longer stats history. As of now, I’ve been doing well with the freebie!

Try Planoly with this link to support our platform.  


Canva – Image and Content creator

Canva is the go-to for creating anything with text or design elements. I use it for social media, blog posts, Pinterest covers, and website banners. I use the free version and do just fine with that. However, I will say that the free trial of the paid version is pretty great. You can customize your brand colors and fonts to create efficiencies.

VSCO – Image Editor

I absolutely LOVE the editing I can do with VSCO. I do use the free version now and find it adequate. I did pay for it for a year, but I didn’t really use all the extra features. I found one filter that I love for 90% of my images and I use that one consistently. It’s easy to use and the images look great! If you’re looking for options, they definitely have that, too.


BONUS: Unsplash for FREE stock photos

I use lots of images from Unsplash for social media, emails, blogs, and on my website. I’m usually able to find what I’m looking for and can help support photographers in the process!

I have a few collections that you can peruse. My favorite is the one of female creative entrepreneurs and gathering places. It’s tough to find stock photo collections or memberships that include models of actual humans doing human things. Here’s a head start if that’s what you’re looking for!


I hope this helps erase any overwhelm and get you off to a strong start.

Rooting for you!!

Krystle StevensonEntrepreneur