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All made possible when we get together IN REAL LIFE!

You’re a female entrepreneur (wherever you are in your journey), and, despite all those Insta-followers, you’re feeling

lonely, isolated, stuck, or uninspired.

I totally get it.

We do a lot of work virtually. We don’t have huge teams. Many of us work right in our homes. The flexibility is great, but the lack of genuine human connection definitely gets to us over time. We have to find our own ways to connect.

The industry has answered by creating unique ways for us to get together IN REAL LIFE, get some down time, network, learn important skills, and grow our businesses. Live events are becoming more and more popular among businesses that cater to female entrepreneurs, female founders, women in business, and female creatives.

The only problem is FINDING the RIGHT event.

A Rachel Hollis 3,000 person conference in LA? An intimate retreat with 15 other entrepreneurs in Costa Rica? What about something close to my small town in Iowa? Is there something just for mom entrepreneurs?

I’ve been asked these questions time and time again. Honestly, last year, I had similar questions myself. So, I created my own solution to the problem.

Founders In Real Life is solely dedicated to finding all the amazing live events for female entrepreneurs that are happening all over the world. Here, the events are categorized every way you could ask for. Female entrepreneurs can now go to one place to EASILY find the PERFECT event!

You’re welcome ;)

Hi! I’m Krystle, Founder and Creator of Founders in Real LIfe

Hi! I’m Krystle, Founder and Creator of Founders in Real LIfe


More about Krystle:

I’m a female entrepreneur with a finance background. I’m an ISFJ and 3w2 on the Enneagram. I know how to get things done and I enjoy helping others. I’ve been married 10 years!!! My husband and I have three wild and crazy little boys. When my third son was born, I left my decade-long corporate career and began my entrepreneurial journey. We call our youngest son “the game changer” because he flipped our world upside down, inside out, and backwards. A couple years later, I know it was all meant to be and I’m so grateful for every twist and turn. I LOVE this gig! And, I’d love to get to know you. Connect with me here!